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Let me help you end binge eating for good!

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Do you want to be able to look forward to holiday's and dinners with friends?

Do you want to like what you see in the mirror?

Do you want to be able to eat all foods, without worrying about bingeing after?

Are you sick of that feeling when you stand in front of the pantry you've just emptied even though you said last time was your last?

I know this feeling, because I've been there myself, but the good news are - I've recovered, and so can you.

The 100's of females I've helped all over the world are proof of that. If they can do it - so can you.

What's included?

  • Weekly check-ins over WhatsApp and as much access as you need between these - I'm just a text message away

  • Personalised mindset/habit tasks to end binge eating

  • Personalised meal plan example

  • Weekly Zoom Calls

  • Private support group with weekly videos

This is a 12 week package with the option of staying in the support group for a discounted price to keep the community and support for longer.

If you're ready to stop binge eating and want to try something completely new that will change your life forever - this is the program for you.



$2299 upfront


$800/month over 3 months

Lotus health co.JPG

People with Binge Eating Disorder (BED) typically consume a large amount in a short time and feel like they just can’t stop themselves, even if they want to. Some people report they almost feel like an out-of-body experience when they’re having their binge eating episodes and no matter how much they know they should stop, they just can’t.

This is why BED is a lot more complicated than just “overeating” and can be extremely difficult to fight on your own.
If you can relate to the above, The End Binge Eating program is for you.

With my unique methods and coaching, I have helped girls all over the world fight binge eating and form a healthier relationship with food and with themselves.

I know that when we eat, our brain releases mood-enhancing neurotransmitters like dopamine that instantly makes us feel better. The problem with dopamine is that to get the same amount of pleasure as you got from the first bite, you need to double your dose when you go back for seconds.

Once that dopamine hit is over, your levels will drop down to below the normal which means you’ll feel worse than you did when you started eating.

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