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This is a group coaching program like you've never experienced before.

Share together. Laugh together. Cry together. GROW together.

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If you want to spend 8 weeks learning how to stop binge eating - this is for you.

Forget feeling lonely.
Forget feeling like you've got no one to talk to.
Forget feeling like no one gets you.

This group coaching program will give you the understanding community you've always wanted.
You're in it together!

Being in a group environment is incredibly powerful as it means when one person heals and opens up, it heals the collective.
Being able to witness other people's transformations, experiences and vulnerability will allow you to feel safe to do the same.

In our weekly zoom coaching sessions everyone will have the opportunity to get personally coached by me and also hear the other girls coaching sessions and allowing you to see things from different point of views.

Being a binge eater can feel lonely, shameful and like no one understands you - this group format fills that hole.

You'll have unlimited access to myself and the group and always have someone to talk to when you're going through hard times, when you're having negative thoughts or when you binge  - but also to celebrate you when you have WINS, when you're able to resist your binge eating urges, when you feel good in your body and how much you'll be improving every week,

My programs have had 100% success rate. I know this will help you - the question is, will you let me?

What's included?


Next start date: 24th of April
Duration: 8 weeks
Cost: $888 (early bird price, full price will be $1200)

  • Weekly live group calls

  • Unlimited support in WhatsApp group

  • Weekly worksheets and mindset tasks

  • 1 private day/week with me in WA

  • Shadow work and inner child healing

Or enter you details here and I will be in touch:
I have the finances to commit to coahing from $111/week

Thank you! I'll be in touch within the next 24h, please check spam/junk as well :)

Copy of end binge eating (Instagram Story).png
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